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Rebecca Gomperts Knows How To Save Their Lives!

Abortion is illegal in a lot of the world.
The World
Because of this 47,000 women die every year because their countries law keeps them from accessing proper abortion care.
And millions more are injured, some seriously and permanently.
Their deaths and injuries are almost entirely preventable.

This gave Dr. Rebecca Gomperts an idea.

International waters begin 12 miles offshore.
The laws you have to follow are the laws that belong to the country where the boat originated. So if you're in a Dutch Boat 12 miles off the coast of Ireland then a Doctor can legally give a woman abortion medication.

So, Dr. Gomperts founded Women On Waves and that's exactly what they're doing.
"Vessel" is an award winning documentary that tells Rebecca’s story.
A story of a woman who heard and answered a calling, and transformed a wildly improbable idea into a global movement.

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