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Thank You TV! Now I'm Stupid!

Movies and TV can be educational, but they regularly get things wrong for entertainment purposes.
Remember! Sci-Fi means Science-FICTION not Science-FACT.
Take a look at these space misconceptions.
Chances are, you probably heard about them first from TV or a movie.

You Can Get Anywhere Instantly If You Travel At Light Speed

The speed of light is the speed of the universe, NOTHING goes faster!
Light speed is REALLY fast, yes.


Space is freakin' huuuuuge!

Even at light speed to travel from Earth to the Andromeda galaxy would take 2,500,000 YEARS!
Andromeda Distance

A Black Hole Will Suck Us Into It.

A black hole is basically an old dead star that burnt of all of it's fuel and collapsed in on itself.
But it has the same mass now as it had when it was still a star, so it doesn't magically gain a truckload of gravity from somewhere.
If it wasn't sucking things in when it was a star, then it's not sucking things into it when it's a black hole either.
Stephen Hawking Simpsons

Without A Space Suit We Would Explode In Space.

Guardians Of The Galaxy and 2001: A Space Odyssey are probably the only movies to show that we don't boil and explode in space.
It is true that without an atmosphere the boiling point of our blood would drop so low that it would simply evaporate away but it would take a little while and we would simply suffocate through lack of oxygen first.
The coldness of space may keep us going for a little longer than we normally would if we had no oxygen but even if we had amazing 'hold your breath like a boss' techniques going on we'd simply freeze to death in a few minutes anyway.
Gamora In Space

The Sun Is Yellow

The Sun is actually bright white. As this NASA image shows.
It seems yellow to us down here on Earth because of the way light scatters through our atmosphere.
Depending on where in the sky the Sun is, it changes color throughout the day and will often appear red as it disappears below the horizon.
Take away the atmosphere and the real color is shown.
Also, our perception of the Sun's color is gained through memes (information passed around socially through interactions).
Which is why a kid in the USA will draw a sun in the top corner of their house picture as yellow, whilst a kid in Japan will draw it red.
The Sun Is White

There Is A Dark Side Of The Moon

Another piece of information passed along through memes.
Pink Floyd probably helped to keep this myth going but in reality the FAR side of the moon gets as much sunlight as the near side.
We don't see the far side of the Moon unfortunately because the Moon is tidally locked with the Earth and spins along with us in what's called synchronous rotation but it's no more a dark side than a light side as this image shows.
Stacks Image 9622

Meteorites Are Hot

Not really, no.
Space is chuffing freezing, pretty much absolute zero!
And any meteor that slams into Earth has probably been zipping around up there for quite a while. So any temperature raise it experiences as it moves through our atmosphere is tiny.
If your cup of tea was the same temperature you'd warm it up in the microwave before drinking it.
Your freshly landed meteorite would not be smoking hot, especially if it had travelled all the way from Krypton.
Superman Crashes To Earth

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